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BridgeMon is a research project from the Research for the Benefit of SMEs (Small and Medium size Enterprises)  scheme of the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission.



BridgeMon Project Successfully Completed

 The end of November 2014 sees the completion of the BridgeMon project.


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Slovene workshop

The Slovene workshop took place on November 25 at ZAG in Ljubljana. 


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Dutch workshop

The Dutch workshop took place on November 18, 2014, at Rijkswaterstaat WNZ office in Rotterdam. 


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Case Study in Extending the Life of a Bridge - Fatigue Experiment in the Netherlands

The second work package of BridgeMon, WP2, aimed to develop a technique to accurately monitor the traffic loading on a bridge and calculate the remaining fatigue life. 


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Polish Workshop

The Polish workshop took place on November 6 at the General Directorate of Polish Railways in Warsaw.


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Accuracy Class A(5) Achieved with SiWIM®

One of the key objectives of the BridgeMon project was to achieve a step change in accuracy and long term stability of the SiWIM® bridge weigh-in-motion system. 


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Extending the Life of a Bridge – Harmsenbrug measurements

In the last week of October, 2013, a cable-stayed steel box girder bridge near Rotterdam in the Netherlands was instrumented.


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BridgeMon at TRA2014 Conference in Paris

The Bridgemon partners presented a poster at the TRA2014 conference in Paris.


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Instrumentation of three bridges for SiWIM® measurements

Three typical bridges used for bridge WIM measurements were installed to test improvements of the SiWIM® system developed in the BridgeMon project.


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Bridge WIM temperature calibration

Environmental temperatures heavily affect behaviour of some types of bridges, thus making results of weighing very unstable. In order to provide stable and reliable results, the B-WIM systems must be temperature calibrated.


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BridgeMon at IABSE Conference in Rotterdam

Bridgemon partners ROD-IS and Cestel prepared a paper on results obtained from simulations carried out as part of the task on ‘Advanced Static Bridge WIM Algorithms’.


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Installation, measurements and modelling of Nieporet bridge in Poland

As a part of the development of an accurate and cost-effective method of weighing trains in motion for the project partner, Adaptronica from Poland, a typical steel truss bridge was instrumented. 


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Modelling of Nieporęt Bridge

In order to identify the appropriate instrumentation strategy for the development of a rail Bridge-WIM system, a number of simulations were carried out. In this regard, a finite element model of the bridge was developed.


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