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BridgeMon at TRA2014 Conference in Paris

The Bridgemon partners presented a poster at the TRA2014 conference in Paris.


Paris was the location for the 2014 Transport Research Arena (TRA) conference, which took place from April 14 to 17, 2014. The conference covered a broad range of topics related to many different aspects of transport. As part of the conference an 'Outreach Marketplace' poster session was held, which allowed examples of industry-related research to be showcased. This was viewed as an ideal opportunity to present the innovative bridge monitoring technologies being developed within BridgeMon. 

The poster illustrated the Bridge-WIM concept for monitoring traffic loading on bridges, while also presenting the idea of 'virtual monitoring' as a method of using traffic loading information along with a finite element model of a bridge, to predict the remaining fatigue life of the structure. A section of the poster also outlined the developments in monitoring techniques for railway bridges. It outlined the application of the newly developed railway Bridge-WIM system for calculating train loading, along with the structural health monitoring techniques that are being developed for identifying damage in railway bridges.

The BridgeMon poster was on display for one full day and provided interested parties with an overview of what the BridgeMon project is about.



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