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Responsible SME – Kalibra Investments, the Netherlands

The objective is to exploit the Bridge WIM concept to virtually monitor all critical elements in steel bridges for fatigue damage.

Task 2.1: Virtual Monitoring of Entire Bridge

A Structural Health Monitoring system for steel bridges is being developed that utilises the Bridge WIM concept to virtually monitor those parts of the bridge that are not monitored directly. This will be achieved by instrumenting the bridge for Bridge WIM and using the calculated vehicle weights, together with a Finite Element model of the bridge, to calculate stresses throughout the bridge. A Finite Element model template will be calibrated from measurements on the structure.

Task 2.2: Fatigue Damage Model (ROD, ZAG, VAGE)

A fatigue damage accumulation model is being developed to calculate damage at all points on the bridge. The model will be tested numerically for sensitivity to inaccuracies in the measurements (and in the inferred virtual measurements).

BridgeMon Project Successfully Completed

 The end of November 2014 sees the completion of the BridgeMon project.


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Dutch workshop

The Dutch workshop took place on November 18, 2014, at Rijkswaterstaat WNZ office in Rotterdam. 


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Case Study in Extending the Life of a Bridge - Fatigue Experiment in the Netherlands

The second work package of BridgeMon, WP2, aimed to develop a technique to accurately monitor the traffic loading on a bridge and calculate the remaining fatigue life. 


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Extending the Life of a Bridge – Harmsenbrug measurements

In the last week of October, 2013, a cable-stayed steel box girder bridge near Rotterdam in the Netherlands was instrumented.


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