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Responsible SME – Cestel, Slovenia

Objective is to develop a Bridge WIM system that achieves Class A accuracy in 90% of appropriate installations.

Task 1.1: MFI Bridge WIM Algorithm

MFI (Moving Force Identification) dynamic Bridge WIM algorithm is being developed to maximise the accuracy of the calculated weights for the complete range of anticipated bridges and loading conditions. This algorithm is computationally intensive and a challenge exists to introduce it as a part of real-time bridge WIM measurements.

Task 1.2: Advanced Static Bridge WIM Algorithm

Existing static Bridge WIM algorithms are being advanced to improve accuracy over conventional approaches without significantly increasing computation time. Several options are being examined, including utilising data from multiple sensors longitudinally, Tikhonov Regularization to improve conditioning of the equations, auto-calibration procedures for long-term stability of results, etc.

Task 1.3: Improved Axle Detection Procedures

NOR (Nothing-On-the-Road) axle detection procedures are being improved. Research involves:

  • alternative bridge instrumentation (sensor type and location) and
  • advanced signal conditioning techniques, such as Wavelet Transform and variations of low- and high-pass filters, to find optimal procedures to extract axle information, under any bridge type and traffic conditions.

Task 1.4: Implementation of New Bridge WIM Algorithm Concepts

New algorithms and procedures will be integrated into the existing Cestel system framework.


Slovene workshop

The Slovene workshop took place on November 25 at ZAG in Ljubljana. 


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Accuracy Class A(5) Achieved with SiWIM®

One of the key objectives of the BridgeMon project was to achieve a step change in accuracy and long term stability of the SiWIM® bridge weigh-in-motion system. 


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Instrumentation of three bridges for SiWIM® measurements

Three typical bridges used for bridge WIM measurements were installed to test improvements of the SiWIM® system developed in the BridgeMon project.


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Bridge WIM temperature calibration

Environmental temperatures heavily affect behaviour of some types of bridges, thus making results of weighing very unstable. In order to provide stable and reliable results, the B-WIM systems must be temperature calibrated.


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