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Responsible SME – Cestel, Slovenia

The objectives are to promote knowledge and understanding of the value of the BridgeMon research outputs and to protect knowledge and facilitate its commercial exploitation.

Task 5.1 – Commercialisation & Promotion of Results

  • An Exploitation Strategy will be agreed to reflect the reality at that time with respect to foreground IP. This will be updated and expanded into a Business Plan by the end of the project.
  • Products will be promoted at international conferences and trade fairs and at national symposia and workshops.
  • A project web site will be developed and kept up to date on a monthly basis.
  • News channels, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and Blog, will be explored.

Task 5.2 – Training of SME Staff

ROD and ZAG as research providers will deliver training for Cestel (in Slovenia), Kalibra (in the Netherlands) and Adaptronica (in Poland) at 2 levels. Senior staff in the SME’s will be given an understanding of the main theoretical concepts incorporated into the new products, mostly for marketing purposes. In separate workshops, middle ranking and junior staff will be given practical training in the operation of the new products and software.

Task 5.3 – Intellectual Property Protection

Every 6 months the project results will be identified and assessed from the IPR point of view. An IP Notification System on the private section of the project website will be established for this purpose. Foreground IP will be identified, assessed and protected before exploitation and dissemination take place.